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Multimedia project “Preserved Nature” to be presented at National Art Museum


A multimedia project “Preserved Nature” will be presented at Azerbaijan National Art Museum on May 18.

The project will be demonstrated under the auspices of the Azerbaijan Culture Ministry within the International Day of Museums, Azernews reports.

The theme of this year’s International Museum Day, “Museums, Sustainability and Wellbeing”, highlights an extraordinary museum program on ecology, new art and curatorial practices, ecological crafts and the textile industry. The project aims to promote sustainable fashion and traditional women’s arts, supporting the UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals.

In the multimedia project “Sustainable Fashion”, presented at the initiative of the Swedish Embassy in Azerbaijan, within the framework of the multimedia project “Preserved Nature”, two artists – Lyudmila Kristeseva from Sweden and Gunel Ravilova from Azerbaijan – create a multidisciplinary dialogue, considering fashion, textiles and ecology through the prism of his work, exploring gender, identity and perceptions of this in different cultures.

“On the shores of the Caspian Sea” by the contemporary artist Agil Abdullayev- is a short film exploring climate change and environmental impact through futuristic and mythological elements such as unicorns and manipulated sun systems. This video art lends notions of myth and fantasy with real-world environmental issues, providing a thought-provoking conceptual commentary on the importance of preserving Caspian sea for future generations.

The “Echo” audiovisual live show envelops the space with the sounds of Azerbaijani ethnic musical instruments such as tar, kamancha and drum in harmony with electronic music, creating a unique sound field. The live performance by Farhad Farzaliyev, Ibrahim Babayev, Timur Amirkhan is a tribute to the beauty and power of water and nature, emphasizing the importance of environmental awareness.

Educational programs for children and adolescents are also planned as part of the event. Thus, the program will show animation visualizations created by the winners of the international children’s drawing competition “Environment”, held in Japan, organized by Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) and International Certification Organization Network (IQNET) the support of UNICEF Tokyo Office. An animated film “The Earth Speaks” will also be screened, based on the script of the world- renowned animator-director Denis Thomopoulos.

The event organized by the Azerbaijan National Art Museum and curated by Konul Rafiyeva within the framework of International Museum Day represents a cultural field where discussions on sustainable fashion, traditional women’s crafts, and environmental protection unfold. The presented art and curatorial projects explore different perspectives of ecology, fashion, and identity, enriching the cultural landscape and stimulating dialogue on the importance of an ecological approach in contemporary art and society.

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