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Museum of Miniature Books

Miniature Books

The only museum of miniature books in the world is in the Old City (Icherisheher) in Baku.

The tiny library of books in the museum is the result of the private collection of Zarifa Salahova, and has been collected over the period of more than 30 years. In 2002, when Salahova opened the museum, she finally shared her collection with the public.

The museum has several thousands of the fairy-sized books, including miniature editions of works of Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Gogol. The books originate from around the world, and are written in numerous languages, including Azerbaijani, Russian, English and German.

The oldest book in the museum is a miniature copy of the Quran, dating to the 17th century, while the smallest tome (6mm x 9mm) is the Russian book “The Most Miraculous Thing,” which can only be read by using a magnifying glass.

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