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Nar announces 2020 results


Nar released its report on the results of 2020 at a press conference with the participation of media representatives. Remaining committed to its customer-centric strategy in 2020, the mobile operator adapted its services to new realities and the changing needs of its customers. Also, during the year characterized by the Patriotic War and the coronavirus pandemic, “Nar” paid special attention to the development of digital channels and continued to support the community with various social projects.

Starting from the first quarter of 2020, the mobile operator launched “Sayyar Nar” (service on the wheels) service amid the containment due to the pandemic outbreak to allow its customers to use a range of services without leaving home. Number sales services through online channels have also become available. Thus, thousands of Nar customers became new Nar subscribers via narsim.az. In total, about 8,000 inquiries were made through “Sayyar Nar” service and online sales channels.

19 sales points and 3 Nar service centers with the new concept were opened with the aim to make the customer experience more convenient and to provide customers with a unified and superior quality service at all points of contact. As part of the company’s customer-centric strategy, the renovation of stores and service centers will continue in 2021 both in Baku and the regions.

The mobile operator also worked on network improvement over the past year. With 150 new base stations installed in 2020, the total number of 4G base stations now exceeds 2,700, while 3G base stations surpassed 2,800. Currently, about 84% of internet in the network is provided through LTE-A technology base stations. In addition, the number of 4G users increased by 33% due to the installation of new base stations in the country, with the 52% of total growth identified in the regions.

Nar served its subscribers in an enhanced mode through various channels during the lockdown. In 2020, 777 Call Centers received more than 2.5 million inquiries and answered them in 20 seconds on average. 85% of subscribers referring to the Call Center highly assessed the service provided. The online chat service of the Nar + application, which allows you to perform many operations on the account, received more than 195,000 inquiries a year, while over 205,000 inquiries were replied immediately through the official social media pages.

Thanks to the high quality of customer service, the mobile operator’s customer loyalty index rose by 30% in 2020. The three main factors influencing the choice of subscribers were the best prices for calls and mobile internet, network quality and uninterrupted calls, and accuracy of calculation of consumption of data traffic and calls. According to a survey conducted by independent research companies, Nar maintained its leadership in the customer satisfaction index for two years in a row.

As a socially responsible company, Nar attached special attention to community support projects in 2020. The mobile operator implemented over 10 social projects, making efforts in different directions during the coronavirus pandemic and the Patriotic War for the liberation of the Azerbaijani lands. First of all, the mobile operator donated half a million AZN to the Coronavirus Response Fund to contribute to the fight against the pandemic since the beginning of the year, provided free mobile communication to healthcare personnel and patients, and provided medical and hygienic equipment to people with hearing impairments. In addition, the “Heroes of the Day” competition was held together with “TABIB”, which brought together stories about heroes who did their daily work selflessly during the pandemic.

During the Patriotic War, Nar provided free mobile communication to its subscribers in the frontline regions, as well as in Ganja and Barda, provided warm winter clothing to support temporarily displaced families in these regions. The mobile operator also expanded the capacity of base stations to ensure uninterrupted communication to users living in those areas, and created a mobile network in the liberated areas through mobile base stations. It should be noted that over the past six years, Nar invested more than 6.6 million AZN in social projects.

Based on its customer-centric strategy in 2021, Nar will continue its efforts for better quality, user-friendly and more affordable products, and a wider network across all service channels.

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