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No vaccinated citizens died from COVID-19 in Azerbaijan – TABIB


Those Azerbaijani citizens who died from coronavirus (COVID-19) and are seriously ill and under treatment in special hospitals, weren’t vaccinated, the chairman of the medical-scientific committee under the board of the Union for the Management of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB), Professor Akif Gurbanov said, Trend reports on Aug.19.

According to Gurbanov, none of the citizens have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Opinions are voiced that someone was vaccinated against the coronavirus, but got infected anyway, but we say that no vaccine protects 100 percent from the disease. Among the vaccinated citizens, 5-10 percent can become infected with the coronavirus,” he noted.

“The Sinovac vaccine, which is widely used in our country, has only two contraindications – an allergic reaction and a phase of exacerbation of other diseases. There are no other contraindications. However, our commission carefully studies everything, substantiating whom and why this vaccine may be contraindicated,” added the expert.

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