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Official Baku calls on France to react to Azerbaijanis’ petition


The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has called on French parliamentarians to respond to Azerbaijanis’ petition in opposition to a pro-Armenian draft resolution, Azernews reports.

Azerbaijan expects that the French lawmakers, who always pride themselves on being sensitive to public opinion, would take notice of their request, which reveals the justifiable discontent of the Azerbaijanis, Ayxan Hajizada, Spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, said in a reaction to a petition that Azerbaijanis had submitted in opposition to a pro-Armenian draft resolution that had been put on the Mesopinions petition website.

As you can see, this proposal, put up by a number of our countrymen publicly as a gesture of protest against injustice against our nation, has attracted a lot of support quickly. According to the information, not only do Azerbaijanis in France support this project with their signatures but so do our countrymen, who reside in a number of other foreign nations. These actions show unity and support among our countrymen. It is remarkable that compared to other petitions made on the aforementioned platform, this one received a lot more support.

However, this petition from Azerbaijanis has received no response from France compared to petitions with fewer signatures and less weight. The request of our compatriots, which reveals their justifiable dissatisfaction, should be heard by the French MPs, who assert that they are always sympathetic to popular opinion, he added.

It should be noted that the petition described above has received around 110,000 signatures on the Mesopinions website.

By Fatima Hasanova

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