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National emblem of Azerbaijan

1. (Constitution article) Article 23. I. State symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be: the Republic of Azerbaijan Flag, the Republic of Azerbaijan Emblem, and the Republic of Azerbaijan National Anthem. II. The Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall consist of three wide stripes. The upper stripe shall be of …

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Review of Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Both the Galaxy A5 (2016) and the A3 (2016) have the same quality appearance and stylish metal frame as the Galaxy S6. If just look at only the front and rear of the A5, you might think you actually had an S6 in your hand. But look closely, and you’ll notice that …

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Review of Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016 edition, aka A7 6) launches early in 2016 to set the tone for mid-range phones: those that are not as expensive as the finest Galaxy S series and iPhones, but also a level above the Moto Gs of this world. The Galaxy A7 (2016) is …

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General Information about Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan covers an area of 86,600 square km (forests accounting for 11.5%, water basins-1.6%, sown area-50%, including 27% pastures, 36.9%-other lands). The country extends between longitude 44° and 52° east and latitude 38° and 42°, with Baku situated at the latitude of 40°. It borders with Iran …

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Why do we need global governance?

The term global governance became popular in the political and international academic arena in late 1990s. (Biermann, Pattberg, 2012) In their book Biermann and Pattberg introduce the concept of global governance: the notion of the term, the scope of its usage and three core elements that differentiates the new term …

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What is Sustainability?

What is sustainability

Kuhlman and Farrington, in their article, tried to find an answer to the question of  ‘What is Sustainability?’ by explaining the concept of sustainability using the definition of it introduced by Brundtland’s report adopted in UN Agenda for Development. However, I doubt that if they even were closer to define …

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Political Violence in forms of Revolution and Terrorism

Political violence

Political violence is a hard talk of all times that all spheres of science, all authors, and writers, almost the whole world concerns about.  From the beginning of history, firstly, people were blamed to live in state of nature in which they were killing each other on getting basic needs …

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