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What is Sustainability?

What is sustainability

Kuhlman and Farrington, in their article, tried to find an answer to the question of  ‘What is Sustainability?’ by explaining the concept of sustainability using the definition of it introduced by Brundtland’s report adopted in UN Agenda for Development. However, I doubt that if they even were closer to define …

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Political Violence in forms of Revolution and Terrorism

Political violence

Political violence is a hard talk of all times that all spheres of science, all authors, and writers, almost the whole world concerns about.  From the beginning of history, firstly, people were blamed to live in state of nature in which they were killing each other on getting basic needs …

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Addressing Environmental problems: Local or Global level?

environment problems

The growing concern of scientists, politicians and world leaders on environmental issues and expected adverse impacts of future brought them together in international arenas. For years, these people in international arenas have been seeking solutions to global environmental problems. As a result of long searches, international regimes are established. This …

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Renewable energy source

To provide 7.3 billion population of the planet with sufficient energy is becoming problematic due to depletion of fossil fuel recourses, costly renewable energy recourses and unbalanced energy use of developed nations than developing and poor countries. According to the G. Boyle, B. Everett and G. Alexander, today the fossil fuel trio of coal, …

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Private Business in: Problem or Solution?

Involvement of private businesses to the process of solving and dealing with environmental issues is becoming new trend in the international arena. As a result of industrialization, and globalization of economy the number of private businesses regulating different aspects of economy grows rapidly. Undeniably this growth rate led to construct …

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Why there is still no World Environment Organization?

Till today, there has been 40 years of debate on establishing of World Environment Organization. The call started from the US on creation of International Environment agency. However, instead of establishing new separate and autonomous environment organization, in 1972, Stockholm Conference on Human Environment, member states of UN agreed on …

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Global Climate Change

NASA Global Climate Change and former Vice-President of US Al Gore underlines the fact that global climate change and global warming had never been before like dangerous, alarming and threatening as it was today. For 650.000 years atmospheric carbon dioxide had never been above the line as it was in …

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