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A Room for Religion in Secular Education Systems

This research papers aims to find out the answer to the question “how does secular education system affects religious belief of people?”. Before starting exploration of influence of secular education system to the thinking ability of religious people, we need to study the concept of ‘secularism’, ‘education’ and ‘religion’ in …

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The notion of beauty has been playing important role in human being’s life since creation. Even genius, Greek philosopher Aristotle’s statement proves it: “Personal beauty is greater recommendation than any letter of reference”. (Patzer, 2008) Since our birth each person is approached on the basis of our physical appearance – …

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Does public expenditure on health and education increase effectiveness?

Abstract Expenditures on health care and education sector constitutes large proportion of government expenditures in almost all countries. So the question arises: Do we really need to spend that much or not? This paper tries to find the effectiveness of public expenditure on two sectors mentioned above. As effectiveness indicator …

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An alternative approach to the inflation calculation in Azerbaijan

Why alternative approach? This question was answered in early 2000 by local research center working in Poland; in order to maintain the macroeconomic equilibrium. This is important not only for having the credible rate of inflation in the society, but also for adjusting the social and economic policy of the …

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Social impacts of the inflation

Lately, there is a certain word that influences the life of all people and we sound several times a day: Inflation. It diffused into the life of everyone, from ordinary citizens to the entrepreneurs, from the unemployed to high-ranking officials. Now everyone “comes to agreement” with it about the activities …

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Negative Pressure Waves in Hydraulic Systems

Fuad Valiyev - professor

Abstract—Negative pressure phenomenon appears in many thermodynamic, geophysical and biophysical processes in the Nature and technological systems. For more than 100 years of the laboratory researches beginning from F. M. Donny’s tests, the great values of negative pressure have been achieved. But this phenomenon has not been practically applied, being …

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