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Baku’s Seaside Boulevard – Then and Now

Baku’s Seaside Boulevard

Baku’s much-loved ‘Bulvar’ has been central to city life for well over a hundred years. Originally occupying just a few hundred metres from today’s Puppet Theatre to Azneft Square, the historic Boulevard has gradually lengthened and in early June 2015 witnessed its most dramatic expansion to date, with the newly …

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Mahammad Sadig bay Agabayzada

On the fate of the deputy interior minister of the ADR, Oriental sciences scholar Mahammad Sadig bay Agabayzada, and his relatives under Soviet rule. During the 70 years of Soviet rule any mention of his name in Azerbaijan was taboo. Even his closest relatives, who were able to see him and …

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Brief chronology of Azerbaijan oil business (1946-nowadays)

1946 The first large-block base for the LAM system (Laboratory of Aero Methods of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR) was constructed in Gurgani oilfield area. For the first time, oil expedition of Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences began practical studyies of geological structures of Oil Rocks (Neft Dashlari) deposits. …

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Brief chronology of the history of Azerbaijan oil business (1900-1945)

1900 Nobel Brothers company and Rothschilds’ Association of Mazut decide to coordinate their commercial activities in the markets in order to establish control over sale of oil products and create “Nobmazut”. E. Nobel and A. Rothschild unite their efforts in export of Baku kerosene to foreign markets. Oil company “Alexander …

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Brief chronology of Azerbaijan oil business till 1900

XIII century Arabic historian Mohammed Bekran visits Absheron and informs about oil production wells dug in Balakhani. 1273 The Venetian traveler Marco Polo (1254-1324) – the first European who visited Caucasus (Azerbaijan) – confirms oil exports from Baku to countries of Near East. 1339 Hamdullah Kazvini has noted in his …

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Oil congresses and the development of Azerbaijan oil production

The first congress of the Baku petro industrialists has been founded in 1884 in Baku; further these congresses continued to function up to revolutionary events of 1917. The importance of congresses was defined by that the largest petro industrialists of the Russian empire took part in them, including and «Russian …

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Azerbaijani oil

The speedy development of modern civilization would be impossible without a major fuel and energy resources such as oil and gas. Azerbaijan is an oil-rich country possessing resources of hydrocarbon raw materials and has the richest history of its development and utilization. Currently research of the history of Azerbaijan’s oil …

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