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Why invest in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan economy

Political and economic stability 2nd fastest growing economy among 179 countries in terms of GDP per capita growth in 2001-2010 (The Economist). In the past 10 years: GDP grew by 3 times, non-oil GDP by 2.5 times, GDP per capita by 2.6 times, strategic currency reserves by 29 times. Foreign …

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Azerbaijan: State, Geography And History In Brief

Baku, Heydar Aliyev Center

Azerbaijan is one of the world’s cradles of civilization. In Gobustan, about 70 kms south of Baku, are Petroglyphs dating back to the 12th Century BC. The area was regarded by another ancient civilization, the Roman Empire, as more ancient than their own. 14 centuries later, the area is a …

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Azerbaijan in the Second World War

  Ending of the war.   After clearing territory of the USSR from the fascists a nature of war, which this the country conducted with Germany, has changed. The war proceeded for an implementation of policy of the Soviet empire`s chiefes directed to creation of communist modes in East Europe …

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Post-revolutionary state building in Ukraine and Georgia

Rose Revolution Georgia

Introduction Corruption is organized, common and highly institutionalized element in post-soviet countries. In these countries both governmental officials and citizens are corrupted and give and get bribe in favor of their problems, work. Informal rules and norms are more powerful than laws and formal rules between public and private sectors, …

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