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President Aliyev urges citizens to comply with quarantine rules amid COVID-19

President İlham Aliyev

President Ilham Aliyev has urged citizens comply with social distancing rules amid the special coronavirus quarantine regime imposed in the country, saying that some citizens are demonstratively violating such rules.

The president made the remarks while opening a new modular hospital in Baku’s Khatai district on July 6, which is the country fifth modular hospital for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Aliyev attributed the spike in COVID-19 cases in Azerbaijan to civic irresponsibility among some citizens who do not follow quarantine rules.

“The main reason for the spread of the disease is the irresponsibility of some people. They do not follow simple rules. That is the reason why we were forced to increase the fines. In some cases, we are forced to take strict measures against those who violate the quarantine regime. But they must also understand their responsibility. All rules are designed to protect the health of people, including those who violate the quarantine regime. But we see that people are demonstratively violating this regime,” Aliyev said.

The president also commented on the detention of lockdown violators in Baku’s Fairmont Hotel on July 5.

“That shameful incident that took place in a famous hotel yesterday is unacceptable. Therefore, the intervention by the Azerbaijani police was right. I have given strict instructions to the police to respond relevantly to all violations. No one is above the law – whether it is a local or a foreign company, a local citizen or a foreign citizen, we must protect our people and the health of our people. At the same time, existing laws and regulations related to the quarantine regime should be the basis for everyone. Therefore, we will continue to take steps in this direction. If people who break those rules are more responsible and disciplined, I think we will be able to control the pandemic,” the president said.

It should be noted that the new modular hospital of the Medical Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations consists of 10 buildings and has all facilities to receive 800 patients.

According to the presidential order, construction of 10 modular hospital complexes has started in the country, some of which are already open. In total, the modular hospital complexes under construction will create 2,000 more beds in the country’s healthcare system.

Azerbaijan first introduced quarantine regime on March 24, and on June 18 decision was taken to extend special quarantine regime until August 1.

As of July 7, Azerbaijan, the nation of ten million has registered 20,837 COVID-10 cases and 258 coronavirus-related deaths. Over 12,182 people have recovered from the disease.

By Aisha Jabbarova

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