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President Ilham Aliyev congratulates people of Azerbaijan on Novruz holiday

President İlham Aliyev

President Ilham Aliyev has congratulated the people of Azerbaijan on Novruz holiday.

The congratulatory message reads:

“Dear fellow compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate you on the occasion of Novruz holiday and wish you all good health and happiness.

Novruz is a sacred memory of our great ancestors expressing respect for the eternal order of nature. This holiday is a full embodiment of the ancient and rich world outlook of the Azerbaijani people, their optimism of the future and our national identity as a whole. It holds an exceptional place in our cultural treasury. The traditions of Novruz we have carefully preserved over centuries, protecting them from foreign influences, are also a contribution to the human culture of our people.

The arrival of the spring holiday in the Land of Fire this year is of particular significance. I am glad that we have entered this spring of our independence with a brilliant Victory that will forever be written in the history of our statehood in golden letters and give new achievements to our lives. With unparalleled moral strength we derive from our sense of struggle for justice, we united like a fist in the moment of trial, cut off the hands that treacherously reached out to our ancient lands, cleansed our country of evil enemies and restored justice at the cost of our blood. Our glorious Victory, which has become a celebration of the invincibility of our spirit and introduced us to the world as a proud nation, has brought eternal spring to Azerbaijan.

On this holiday, when the spirit of victory lives in the hearts of all people, we once again thank our heroic sons who sacrificed their lives for the territorial integrity of our Motherland and remember their memory with deep respect.

There is extensive construction work in our liberated lands in store for us in the future. I believe that this spring will demonstrate our unity and solidarity in harmony with the renewable atmosphere that strengthens our determination to build and successfully implement our grand return plan in peace and tranquility. We will revive our native Karabakh in a short time.

I wish you all a spring mood. May this holiday bring abundance and prosperity to your homes and hearths!

Happy Novruz holiday!”

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