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Republic of Armenia as the supporter of the terrorism

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, when Armenia gained independence, it began to support terrorism on an official level, as a state, it adopted terrorism as an integral part of its aggressive policy.

Much evidence and forensic investigations prove that terrorist actions against civil population of Azerbaijan (among them explosions of vehicles) were committed by special services of Armenia and financed by the Government of this state.

In the beginning of the 1990’s the official circles of Armenia started to campaign for the rehabilitation of the activists of Dashnaksutyun, ASALA, MAG, the Armenian Unity, the Armenian Liberation Front and of other terrorist organizations, they were rendered shelters, necessary financial support and created conditions for their living and activities.

Armenia began officially to collect signatures for the release of Varojyan Garabedyan who committed a terrorist action in the Orly Airport of Paris in the July of 1983. As a result of this action, 8 people were killed and 60 were wounded. The terrorist was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 2001, the French court released him and he has found shelter in Armenia officially.

Monte Melkonyan, a popular terrorist, leader of the grouping of the revolutionary movement of ASALA in the Western Europe, was sentenced to for six-year imprisonment by the French court on November 28, 1985 and was released in 1990. He came to Armenia and then sent to the Nagorno-Karabakh to continue his terrorist actions. Monte Melkonyan was the commander of the Armenian terrorist detachment during the occupation of the Khojavand district of Azerbaijan. He was killed in Nagorno-Karabakh in 1993 and buried in Yerevan. The officials of Armenia, including the Armenian president, took part in his funeral. He was declared a national hero of Armenia and one of the subversive centers of the Ministry of Defense began to bear the name of this international terrorist.

A popular terrorist, a member of the terrorist group of “Dro” of Dashnaksutyun party Grant Markaryan was one of the creators of the terrorist group in Nagorno-Karabakh and active participant of arming of the terrorist groups with the aid of arms, which were brought from Armenia.

Vazgen Sislyan, organizer of the attack on the Turkish embassy in Paris in 1981, was awarded with the title of the heroes of the Karabakh war by the Armenian President Robert Kocharyan for his active participation in the terrorist actions against Azerbaijanis.

Abu Ali and Hilbert Minasyan, terrorists from the Middle East by origin, are protected by special intelligence agencies of Armenia for slaughtering the peaceful Azerbaijani citizens.

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