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Results of 2018 were discussed at AzerGold


A large-scale meeting on the results of 2018 was held at the head office of AzerGold CJSC.

Opening the meeting, Chairman of the Board of AzerGold CJSC Zakir Ibrahimov spoke about the reforms carried out under the leadership of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and the development of the non-oil sector. He noted that the economic policy pursued by the head of state creates favorable conditions for the development of each enterprise operating in the country, adding that 2018 was successful for AzerGold.

Last year, 45 990 ounces of gold and 77 340 ounces of silver were extracted by the company from the Chovdar field, which exceeds the production plan for 2018 and is 4 percent more than the gold production figures for 2017. Gold extraction also was 53 percent more than the silver extraction figures for 2017.

This year, AzerGold is planning to produce 50,000 ounces of gold and 87,000 ounces of silver in accordance with the production plan made up for the Chovdar field, which is 10 percent more than gold production and  13 percent more than silver production figures in 2018.

AzerGold CJSC also conducts geological exploration in accordance with international standards, as well as economic efficiency, to ensure the sustainable  development of the mining industry and achieve long-term strategic goals. Measures taken in this direction will also continue this year.

From the point of view of electrification, the year 2018 was successful for AzerGold. Thus, in 2018, AzerGold CJSC established a centralized electronic system of finance, supply, staff management and warehousing and introduced an electronic document management system. This will also contribute to the transparency of the document flow, as well as accelerate the distribution of documents in electronic form.

As a company based on modern standards, AzerGold attaches great importance to creating a safe working conditions and protection of the environment.

Therefore, about 100 trainings were conducted with the involvement of representatives of local and foreign companies with professional skills. Environmental requirements in the field of production are carried out in accordance with the approved “Program of environmental monitoring”. Test results for air, soil, and water samples are within normal limits. All types of waste arising from the company’s activities are always under control.

At the moment, AzerGold CJSC successfully continues production at the Chovdar deposit. The company told Report that as a result of the successful operation of this field, 319 permanent jobs were opened and taxes in the amount of 10,523,220 manats were paid in 2018.

According to the information, this year it is planned to finalize the document on the feasibility study of the underground phase of operation of the Chovdar deposit.

In addition, the priority tasks are drilling and related research at the Filizchay field, promising areas of Agyochush, Tulallar and Ortakkend-Khanaga.

Along with making a tangible contribution to the development of the non-oil sector and the socio-economic development of the regions, the activities planned by Azer Gold will create favorable conditions for the long-term and comprehensive development of the mining industry.

By Mirsaid Ibrahimzade

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