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Science and culture in the service of the front

During the war, the figures of science and culture directed all their attempts to the spiritual mobilization of the population for the war.

There was created new technology for the production of aviation benzine by the leadership of prominent scientist-Yusif Mammedaliyev. The geologists Mirali Qashgay, Shamil Azizbeyov and others created new strategic raw-materials. Well-known surgean Mustafa Topchubashov, who shaped the new methods in military surgeanary saved more than thousand wounded people. There were established 70 military hospitals for the treatment of wounded people.

The social studies-scientists created works about the historical past and heroism of Azerbaijan nation. There was published “short/brief history of Azerbaijan literature” by the edition of Heydar Husseinov and Mammedarif Dadashzadeh.

The creation of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR in March, 1945, became an important event in cultural life of the Republic.

The theme of the war became the leading one in the literature. Most powerful influence was gotton from the workers of Samed Vurghun, Suleiman Rustam, Mammed Rahim Cemil, Mirvari Dilbazi and others.

There were written tens of ocherks, stories, poems and etc. about the heroism of our soldiers and partisans. Bright view of Azerbaijan soldiers were created in the stories of Abdulhasan, Mir-Jalal, Rasul Rza, Mehti Hussein.

In the years of the war Azerbaijan dramaturgy was enriched by the works of “Farhad and Shirin” of Samed Vurghun, “Nizami” of Mehti Hussein.

Azerbaijan composers created tens of marches, symposiums, songs, operas and others in the years of the war. There were learnt by heart the songs of “Nurse”, “March of victory” by Uzeyir Hajibeyov, “To the front” by Said Rustamov, “Wait for me” by Suleiman Aleskerov. The opera, called “Motherland”, which was written by young composers-Gara Garayev and Cevdet Hajiyev became essential event in musical world. There were shaped concert brigades for the performance in front of soldiers. Generally, Azerbaijan artists gave 35 thousand concerts in military unions.

Azerbaijani movie-makers made films, such as “The son of motherland”, “Bakhtiyar”, “Submarine of T-9”. The masters of decorative art also took an active part in military-patriotic growth of the nation. Azim Azimzadeh, Ismail Akhundov, Maral Rahmanzadeh created works on the theme of peace and war, soldier life, rear and etc. Their works were exhibited in Tretyakov gallery, in Moscow, 1943.

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