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Shah Ismail Khatai’s poems published in Baku

Shah Ismail Khatai

Shah Ismail Khatai’s “Dehname” and “Nasiyatname” poems have been published in Baku.

The books were published by “Hədəf Nəşrləri” publishing house on the initiative of the relevant commission under the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union, Day.Az reported.

The author of the project is chairman of the commission, writer, associate professor Shamil Sadig.

Shah Ismail has left a deep mark in the Azerbaijan’s rich history. He declared Azerbaijani as the state language, and wrote beautiful epic poems under the name Khatai.

Ismail was only a year old when his father was killed by the Aq Qoyunlu.

For six years Ismail was hiding from his enemies in the palace of Mirza Ali, who was faithful to Safavids.

Within years of hiding, Ismail studied science and military affairs before emerging at the age of 12 years to take over Azerbaijan.

Soon young Ismail took under control the territories of today’s Iran, as well as Iraq, the Caucasus, parts of Central Asia, and western Afghanistan.

Shah Ismail Khatai also wrote beautiful poems like “Dehname”, beits in the masnavi genre “Nasiyatname”. His Divan (collected works) includes gazelles and other poems written in various genres.

“Dehname” is considered one of the first in the Masnavi genre in the Azerbaijani literature. Khatai wrote it at the age of 20.

“Dehnameh” means “Ten Letters” because the mesnevi contains ten love letters between a young man in love and his beloved. There are more than 1400 couplets in the poem.

The love poem reflects the influence of folk poetry and dastan – oral epic narration. The work is also Sufi in nature and contains praises to Imam Ali and padishah.

“Dehname” was published independently, but most often it or excerpts from it appear in works dedicated to it or poetry collections published in Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey.

By Laman Ismayilova

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