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Sharifan Tomb

Sharifan Tomb

The historical monument is located in Sharifan village of Zangilan district, on the right bank of the Hakari River. Only the remains of the lower part of the ancient tomb have survived. The upper part of the tomb was destroyed.

The vault with projections is square-shaped (5.4×5.4m). The vault has a shallow rectangular sanctuary (mehrab) niche in the south wall. Its upper part is decorated with stalactites and its sides – with delicate pillars.

The projections of the vault were covered with arches and central part – with a spherical dome. Facing the walls and arches with good-hewn and polished stone, carving the decorative strip on the sanctuary niche and the archivolt of the arch, etc. give grounds to tell that this vault was formerly a part of the highly artistic tower-shaped tomb. The Sharifan Tomb is considered to be a monument built at the turn of the 13th-14th centuries.

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