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Umaj halva

Umaj halva

Halva is a traditional Middle Eastern sweet, popular in Azerbaijan. There are many variations on two basic types of halva: one is a moist, near-liquid sweet made from butter, sugar and flour while the other is harder and is based on nuts or sesame seeds. Saying halva won't make your …

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Chicken soup recipe

Chicken soup - Toyug shorbasi

Azerbaijani cuisine is rich in soups and stews – piti, bozbash, dovga and dushbara, to name but a few. Typical of many Azerbaijani soups is the use of different varieties of dried plum and prune to add a fruity zest to the flavour. Preparation time: 20 min Cooking time: 40 …

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Rice pudding – Firni

Rice pudding - Firni

Firni is a dessert made from rice and milk, much lighter than the British and North American baked rice puddings. Firni is popular in South Asia and the Middle East. In Azerbaijan, firni is made from rice flour, not grains of rice. Preparation time: 10 min Cooking time: 20 min …

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Minced lamb – Lula kebab

Minced lamb - Lula kebab

Kebabs – barbecued meat, fish and vegetables – are a perennial favourite in Azerbaijan. They are an obligatory feature on special occasions, such as weddings. Azerbaijanis love to make kebabs at picnics and at their summer houses and, as is the case the world over, it is the men who …

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Rice pilaf – Ash or plov

Rice pilaf - Ash or plov

Rice pilaf or plov is the signature dish of Azerbaijani cuisine. Served on special occasions, pilaf is the final savoury dish at wedding feasts, brought in with great ceremony. Known in Azerbaijani as ash (aş) or plov, rice pilaf is thought to have come to Azerbaijan from Iran and India. …

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Lamb stew with herbs – Sabzi qovurma

Sabzi qovurma - Lamb stew with herbs

Sabzi qovurma or lamb stew with herbs is a classic Azerbaijani dish. Its name shows that sabzi qovurma is a blend of Persian and Turkic cooking, as "sabzi" means "green" in Persian while "qovurma" in Azerbaijani and other Turkic languages means "fried meat". The fine, complex flavours of Sabzi qovurma …

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Chicken pilaf – how to cook?

Toyuq plov - chicken pilaf

Chicken pilaf is one of the many versions of pilaf popular in Azerbaijan. There are different ways of preparing chicken with rice pilaf in Azerbaijan. We give below a recipe in which the chicken is steamed together with the rice. Preparation time: 60 min Cooking time: 40-45 min Serves: 6-7

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Bean pilaf with fish – Chilov pilaf

Chilov pilaf - bean pilaf with fish

Rice with beans and fish is one of the many versions of pilaf in Azerbaijan. It is usually prepared on the last Tuesday before the Novruz spring holiday. The first day of Novruz falls on the spring equinox, the day when the hours of daylight equal those of darkness. The …

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Meatballs in broth – Кofta bozbash

Кofta bozbash - meatballs in broth

Meatballs are popular across the Caucasus and Middle East. The Azerbaijani variety, kofta bozbash, are large, hearty meatballs of minced lamb and rice with a zesty dried plum surprise in the middle. They are usually served in a meat-based stock with vegetables and chickpeas. The name kofta bozbash is a …

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