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Georgian Embassy congratulates Azerbaijani people on Novruz holiday

Novruz holiday

The embassy of Georgia in Azerbaijan congratulated the Azerbaijani people on occasion of Novruz holiday, Trend reports referring to a message posted on Facebook. “The embassy of Georgia congratulates the friendly people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Novruz holiday, wishes peace, stability and prosperity to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani people,” the message …

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Cultural figures, diplomatic missions view art works inspired by Novruz


Cultural figures and representatives of diplomatic missions have viewed art works inspired by Novruz holiday at National Art Museum. Metal products, exquisite examples of artistic embroidery, carpets and national clothes, paintings by Azerbaijani artists grabbed the attention of art lovers. The exposition includes works by prominent Azerbaijani artists – Sattar Bahlulzade, Maral Rahmanzade, …

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Azerbaijan celebrates spring arrival

novruz holiday

Novruz is among most important and favorite holidays of the Azerbaijani people. The holiday marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated on the vernal equinox, March 20-21 – the beginning of the astronomical New Year. Azerbaijani people celebrate four pre-holiday Tuesdays before spring festival. Each Tuesday is dedicated to …

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Azerbaijan celebrates Wind Tuesday of Novruz Holiday

Novruz Holiday

Today, Azerbaijan is celebrating Wind Tuesday, one of the four festive Tuesdays before Novruz Holiday. The four Tuesdays in the run up to Novruz symbolize the four elements called Su Chershenbesi (Water Tuesday), Od Chershenbesi (Fire Tuesday), Torpag Chershenbesi (Earth Tuesday), and Hava or Akhir Chershenbe (Wind or Last Tuesday). …

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