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The reign of Shah Abbas I and his reforms

When Shah Abbas I came to the throne in 1587 (he was called the “Great” later), the internal situation of Safavids state was hard as the foreign political circumstances. Chukhur-Saad, Shirvan, Azerbaijan and Western environs of Iran had been conquered by Ottomans. The troops of Uzbek Sheybanids occupied approximately whole …

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Safavids – Ottoman wars and Azerbaijan

Ottoman Turkey restored his attempts to conquer Azerbaijan in the presence of Sultan Suleiman I (1520-1566). Turkey, which confronted with strict resistance in Danube Europe, had to conclude peace with Habsbourgs Austria about the division of Hungary on June 22, 1533. So, Sultan Suleiman united his hands for the Eastern …

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Internal and foreign policy of Shah Ismail I

One of the leading tendencies in the interior policy of the founder of Safavids state was the aspiration to the centralization of state governance. It was dictated with the necessity of restoration of the destroyed economic life, animation of agriculture, craft producing and trade. Centralization demanded the strengthening of positions …

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Establishment of Safavids State

At the end of the 15th century, the feudal breaking prevented the growth of producing forces in the towns and villages of Azerbaijan. The rise of big land ownership – soyurgals in the Aghqoyunlu possessions caused to the weakening of state au thority, decrease of profits of padiShah’s Treasury. The …

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Ardebil ownership of Safavids

Azerbaijan possesses ancient and rich traditions of statehood. There were such states in its history that they put deep trace in the ethnic memory and social life of the nation. The dynasty of Safavids distingnuishes with its characteristic specialities among these state formations. There existed the Ardebil ownership of Safavids …

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