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Terrorist organizations of Armenia

Names of the Armenian terrorist organizations guilty in bloody terrorist actions in various corners of the world:

  • Armenakan party: founded in 1885, committed armed clashes and terrorist actions in Van, Mush, Bitlis, Trabzon of Turkey, collaborated with Armenians living in Russia and
  • Hnchak party: founded in Geneva in 1887, its aim is to create a Greater Armenia by joining the Anadolu region of Turkey, the territories called the Russian and Iranian territories of Article 4 of the charter of the party says: “The method of propagation, agitation, terrorism and destruction must be used for achieving the goal, an organization must be founded for using this method.”
  • Dashnaksutyun (Dashnaks): Armenian Federal Revolutionary party: founded in 1890 in The main purpose was to create the Great Armenia in the territories of the Nagorno-Karabakh and Nakhchivan of Azerbaijan and Anatolia of Turkey. It held its first congress in Tbilisi in 1892 and adopted a resolution on the organization of terrorist acts attempts on Turkey. Just after the resolution, Dashnaksutyun ordered to kill the Turks, Kurds everywhere, in all circumstances, to kill those who break their promise, the treacherous Armenians, take revenge!
    There are several terrorist groups created by Dashnaksutyun: Revengers of the Armenian genocide, founded in 1973, murdered the Turkish diplomats in 1980-1982 in Austria, Denmark and Portugal. Secret terrorist group of DRO and its divisions: DRO-8, DRO-88, DRO-888 and DRO-8888. The Dashnaks continue their activities in this direction.
  • Armenian Secret Liberation Army (ASOA): founded in Beirut in 197 Its headquarters is in Damask. It has over 1000 militants undergone training in the bases in Palestine. In the first six years of its activities it has murdered 19 Turkish diplomats in various countries of the world by committing terrorist actions.
  • Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA): founded in 1975. Its headquarters is in Beirut; its military training bases are in Syria. Its aim is to create a Greater Armenia by joining the territories of the eastern Turkey, Nakhchivan and the Nagorno-Karabakh of Azerbaijan and the Northern ASALA is engaged in terrorist actions against the citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan. It collaborates with such terrorist organizations as Abu Nidal and the Dark September. The leader of the organization Akop Akopyan plays an important role in the relations with the mentioned organizations. He took the responsibility for the murder of the Turkish ambassador in Athens in 1980. His pseudonym is Mujahid. In an interview published in The New-York Times on August 1, 1980, he declared: Our enemy is the Turkish regime, NATO and those Armenians who do not cooperate with us.
    In April 1980, ASALA reached an agreement in Lebanon with the Kurdish terrorist organization the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on joint terrorist actions. In its statement disclosed in Beirut on August 28, 1993, ASALA announced that it would not allow the construction of a Pan-Turkish oil pipeline (Baku- Tbilisi-Geyhan).
  • Geqaron: founded by ASALA in the February of 20 Its aim is to organize terrorist actions against political leaders, diplomats and businessmen of Turkic origin in the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia.
  • Armenian Liberation Movement (AOD): founded in 1991 in Fran It commits terrorist actions in close cooperation with ASALA.
  • Armenian Liberation Front: founded in 1979, it is an integral part of It is engaged in the training of terrorists against Turkey and Azerbaijan.
  • Orly group: founded in 1981 by the youth of Armenian origin living in It committed over 10 terrorist acts in various airports of the world before 1987.
  • Armenian genocide justice commandos: founded in 1972 in Vienna in the congress of Its purpose is to draw the young Lebanese citizens of Armenian origin to military formations, to organize terrorist actions against the Turkish and Azerbaijanis.
  • Armenian Unity: founded in 1988 in M It has close links with ASALA, supplies the terrorists in the former Soviet space with false documents. It participates in the supply of Karabakh with arms and mercenaries.
  • Democratic Front: It was founded in the United States, Canada and Western Europe. Its main aim is to split Turkey.
  • Apostle: founded on April 29, 2001 by the Union of the Defense of Armenia which consists mainly of the citizens of Armenia, Syria and Lebanon. Its aim is to commit terrorist actions in the territories of Turkey and

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