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Turkish analyst: Azerbaijan’s efforts in coronavirus response show efficiency


Azerbaijan has shown by example of how to rather efficiently cope with such a threat as the coronavirus pandemic, Turkish political analyst, leading representative of the Ankara-Moscow expert and analytical network Engin Ozer told Trend.

According to him, the pandemic consequences are affecting not only the member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), but also practically all developed and emerging economies.

“All countries should think about the post-pandemic future. It’s not so important where the virus came from and who benefits from it. Now we must think about how the global economic system will change after the pandemic, how we can turn its development into a positive direction.”

According to the analyst, after the coronavirus pandemic, the global economic impact of China will decrease drastically.

“There is a gradual outflow of foreign investments from the Chinese market. Moreover, it is possible that the US and UK will impose sanctions on China and demand financial compensation, accusing its government of concealing information on the coronavirus,” noted Ozer.

“The US administration is developing a long-term action plan against China, which may include new sanctions. Washington considers Beijing guilty for the coronavirus pandemic. Among the measures under consideration by the US are sanctions, the cancellation of its debt commitments, and the development of a new trade policy,” said the analyst.

“After the pandemic, the US influence will dominate the global economy. Accordingly, China will produce more goods for the domestic market,” he said. “In this context, the Non-Aligned Movement can benefit from the situation and increase its market share in China in terms of export and import of manufactured products. Therefore, we can say that the coronavirus pandemic offers some opportunities for this organization, as well.”

The political analyst also noted that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN and some other organizations discredited themselves.

“We have witnessed that between the countries there is no single idea and plan for overcoming the crisis. The Non-Aligned Movement could undertake such responsibility,” he said.

“Azerbaijan can efficiently benefit from its chairmanship in NAM. The post-coronavirus period will open great opportunities for the country. The 120 member countries of the NAM can make a common decision to keep the spread of infection under control,” Ozer said.

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