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US, Azerbaijan have to write new chapter in energy story – former US ambassador

US, Azerbaijan

The US and Azerbaijan have to be writing a new chapter in the energy story as part of efforts on addressing climate change, former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Robert Cekuta told Trend.

“There is considerable solar and wind capacity in Azerbaijan and I find it interesting to hear about the discussions regarding producing hydrogen in the Caspian and exporting it via pipelines as a new, clean source of energy. The world is going to need oil and gas for some years to come, but we have to be thinking about what comes next and making that transition,” Cekuta said.

According to him, the US and Azerbaijan are working closely to ensure the supply of needed oil and gas from the Caspian Sea to European and other countries, thus improving European and global energy security.

“Cooperation on the energy front certainly has been one of the core aspects of our relationship. The wisdom and value of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline and the Southern Gas Corridor are readily visible in the face of the current global energy realities. I know a number of countries have been approaching Azerbaijan looking for increased energy supplies, for example of natural gas. I know not every request can be met, but I very much hope that consideration will be given to finding ways to increase the secure, predictable flow of hydrocarbons from the Caspian region across the Caucasus to world markets,” the former ambassador said.

Cekuta added that over the past thirty years, the US and Azerbaijan have worked together to fight terrorism and promote regional and global stability.

“Azerbaijani troops played important roles in various operations, including in helping maintain order the Kabul Airport with NATO partners during those difficult days in August 2021 and facilitating the evacuation of thousands. Azerbaijan’s contribution in the fight against terrorism has been important and significant. The world saw the ability of Azerbaijani forces to cooperate effectively with the US, Turkey, the UK and others in the very difficult final days in Kabul,” he said.

The former ambassador emphasized that the US appreciates the critical role of Azerbaijan’s geostrategic location between Russia to the north and Iran to the south for trans-Eurasian transportation, communications, and trade.

“While our two countries have developed strong partnerships over the last thirty years, it is important to be thinking about how the picture in the Caucasus, in the Middle East, in Central Asia, in Europe is changing and what the US and Azerbaijan can do to ensure peace, security, and prosperity,” he said.

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