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Winners of “Heroes of the Day” contest organized by Nar and “TƏBİB” announced


The “Heroes of the Day” writing contest organized by Nar and “TƏBİB” has ended. The competition which brought together stories and articles about people who continue to do their daily work selflessly during the pandemic raised great public interest. The competition was attended by both journalists and social media users, receiving about 100 applications. Following the preliminary review, 78 articles that met the terms of the competition were presented to the panel of juries.

The authors chose, as their main heroes, doctors and other healthcare workers who fought in the frontline during the pandemic, as well as pharmacists and medical equipment engineers, teachers who keep on teaching their students through online lessons, police officers in charge for public safety, market workers and delivery servicemen who responded to the requests of the people, and journalists and photographers preparing a report from risky areas to inform the public during the lockdown.

“Each submitted application has a special value for us. The real stories of heroes showed how difficult and sensitive, and at the same time honorable and exemplary it was for the people to work throughout this period. As Nar, we are very honored to be able to contribute to the public recognition of the heroes of the day,” said Aziz Akhundov, Head of Public Relations Department at Nar.

“It is very commendable to carry out social projects in the framework of measures to combat coronavirus and raise the interest of people in these projects in our country, as well as all over the world. Along with our healthcare workers, police, transporters, pharmacists, salespersons, journalists, teachers and other individuals who worked tirelessly day and night have become today’s heroes. Over these days, each member of our nation demonstrated a true example of patriotism, national unity, helping each other in any matter. It is not enough for each of us to recover from the coronavirus individually, we need to ensure, by abiding by the rules, that our motherland Azerbaijan overcomes the pandemic as a whole!” stated Ravana Aliyeva, head of the press service at “TƏBİB”.

The winners were evaluated by a panel of juries composed of media experts based on the quality of the social message and content. Thus, according to the results, the winner of the 1st place is the article “Angel in a white dress” (author: Vusal Taghibayli), and the articles that took the 2nd and 3rd places are “The victorious soldier of the April war is fighting against COVID” (author: Aida Eyvazova) and “We were fighting both Armenians and the coronavirus under fire” (author: Konul Ibrahim), respectively. The articles “How does an ophthalmologist’s eyes see the pandemic?” (author: Sevinj Eminzade), “Portrait of a teacher fighting a pandemic for her students” (author: Elmin Nuri), “All this was just a moment” (author: Aziz Elkhanoghlu) and social media user Ulviya Guliyeva’s “Master who demonstrated social initiative during lockdown” took place the next three places for motivation.

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