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Yashat sends more war veterans to Turkey for treatment

Azerbaijan’s Yashat Foundation

Azerbaijan’s Yashat Foundation, which was set up to help families of soldiers killed and injured during the 44-day Karabakh war in 2020, continues to send seriously injured war veterans to Turkey for treatment.

Four more veterans – Omarov Rustam, Yusifov Elnur, Aliyev Khazar and Haciyev Arif will receive treatment in Turkey.

The foundation will monitor the veterans’ treatment until their full recovery.

To date, 165 war veterans have been sent to Turkey for treatment. The treatment of 121 of them has already been successfully completed and they have returned home. In addition, the foundation also provides medicines for the treatment of wounded war veterans.

Set up by the presidential decree in December 2020, the foundation’s work covers the families of servicemen killed or got disabled during the war and also the families of employees of state bodies (institutions) who became disabled or lost their lives while serving in the liberated lands or while removing the consequences of military operations in the liberated lands.

It was earlier reported that the foundation had spent over AZN 32.4 million ($19.1M) on the improvement of housing conditions, AZN 458,478 ($269,692) on education, vocational training and development of creative potential, AZN 5.4 million ($3.1M) on repayment of consumer and other loans and AZN 11.1 million ($6.5M) on treatment and psychological support.

Yashat receives donations made through voluntary financial aid provided by Azerbaijani citizens, Azerbaijanis living abroad, other individuals and legal entities, as well as other sources not prohibited by law.

As of February 23, the foundation has collected over AZN 67 million ($39.4M).

By Ayya Lmahamad

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