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Colombian TV channel broadcast extensive report on anti-terrorist activities of Azerbaijani army

Colombian TV

Colombia’s leading news channel NTN24, operating throughout the Americas, showed a large-scale story on local anti-terrorist measures and their results carried out by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Garabagh economic region. Detailed answers of the TV channel’s journalist to the questions addressed to Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Colombia Mammad Talibov were also reflected in the story, Azernews reports.

It was noted that the endless provocations of the Armenian side, terrorist acts and non-observance of the conditions of the Trilateral Declaration signed on 10 November 2020 made the local anti-terrorist measures inevitable. During the latest terrorist attack carried out by a sabotage and subversive group of the Armenian armed forces, 7 policemen, including 2 civilians, were killed. As a result, local anti-terrorist measures were launched in the region to prevent large-scale provocations in Garabagh, disarm and withdraw the remnants of the Armenian armed forces from the territories of Azerbaijan, neutralise their military forces.

The story says that as a result of 24-hour anti-terrorist measures Azerbaijan has fully achieved its goals, as a result of the measures the separatist regime settled in Khankendi surrendered and their military arsenal was destroyed. According to the agreement reached through the mediation of the Russian peacekeeping forces, the Armenian armed formations settled in Garabagh leave the territories of Azerbaijan, the illegal Armenian armed formations are released, and all weapons, ammunition and heavy equipment are surrendered.

At the same time, the importance of the meeting between representatives of the central government of Azerbaijan and representatives of the Armenian inhabitants of Garabagh held on 21 September in the town of Yevlakh is stressed, that the Armenian inhabitants of the region, who have been held captive by the criminal junta regime for many years, have already gained their freedom, that all their rights will be secured and their social rights will be ensured, and it is stressed that the economic reintegration plan is ready.

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