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Georgia allocates funds for health program to manage COVID-19


Georgia has allocated 89.9 million lari (about $28.09 million) for the implementation of a health program for 2020 to manage COVID-19, Trend reports citing Georgian media.

Quarantine facilities, except for the Abastumani Lung Center, will receive not more than 100 lari ($31.26) per day for each patient. The services provided by the Abastumani Lung Center will be reimbursed under the state program ‘Referral service’.

The quarantine units will be equipped with primary medical supplies/medicines, and transport fees of the medical staff will be reimbursed.

The gathering, storage and transportation of biological materials will be reimbursed at the cost of not more than 10 lari ($3.13) per unit.

Every test to determine COVID-19 by Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), if necessary, will be reimbursed by between 50-150 lari ($15.63-$46.88), depending on how samples are collected and submitted.

Every testing for COVID-19 by rapid antibody assay will be reimbursed by not more than 20 lari ($6.25).

Inpatient treatment with COVID-19 in both confirmed and unconfirmed cases will be also0 reimbursed.

The state will pay 100 lari ($31.26) per bed to clinics which have up to 80 beds and 120 lari ($37.51) per bed to clinics with more than 80 beds.

In the past 24 hours, the number of coronavirus cases in Georgia has increased by 6, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 610. The number of patients who have recovered from the illness reached 269. Nine coronavirus patients died.

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