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Having no avail for 30 years, why UN concerned about situation in Garabagh?


Global reformers of the world need to build a new global system on new lands, and in most cases, economic collapses, destabilization of social labour, and work of the military-industrial complexes are introduced to such reforms. These are all carried out by the will of some international structures.

Often methods of struggle and their solutions are proposed being far from favoring the masses. The most dangerous point was to keep the society under their influence through false information and to educate an illiterate society in a wild spirit.

After Azerbaijan’s successful local anti-terrorist measures, the Garabagh economic region, which was once inhabited by the Armenian people under the separatist regime, is breathing freely and wishing for a prosperous life together with the former IDPs. Although most Armenians decided to leave the Garabagh region after so many offers to stay, Azerbaijan took up the task of reintegrating those who wished to live with the Azerbaijani community.

Unlike the events in the First Garabagh War, the Armenians who left Garabagh were not mistreated, on the contrary, they were all provided with food and water – they were treated as real human beings.

So far, more than 90 Armenians have expressed their desire to stay in Azerbaijan’s Garabagh and hold an Azerbaijani passport. However, the majority of Armenians who decided to return to Armenia were under the influence of the separatist regime’s massive propaganda of hatred towards the Islamic religion, Turks, and neighbors, which eventually took hold for a generation in the minds of Armenian nationals.

Azerbaijan has done a great job, and no matter how hard the separatist regime tried to sow propaganda in the masses. Official Baku complied with all resolutions and rules, unlike Armenia, which resisted at every step and rejected the offer from Baku to maintain peace in the region.

Reshaping Garabagh through resettlement

The liberated territories of Garabagh are beginning to take on a new look. A decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been enacted to restore the liberated lands and return the IDPs to the newly built “smart city” and “smart village”, and along with the construction of new zones of residence, special attention has been paid to green energy and renewable energy sources. Azerbaijan’s favorable geographical location is conducive to economic growth, imports, and exports of minerals, and the expansion of green energy and its provision in the region. Windmills, solar and marine panels, and hydroelectric power plants have been built and put into operation and a great demand for investment has come from the Arab countries.

The pro-Armenian Diaspora in different Western countries and European Union structures were a big thorn in the side of peace and prosperity in the region, who did not want to solve the problem peacefully and sit down at the negotiation table. Eventually, Azerbaijan’s regaining its full sovereignty over its territories was possible due to its strong military capabilities, political wisdom, and the support of the brotherly country of Turkiye.

Today the West has exhausted itself by continuing to sow fear and hatred, in the face of corrupt organizations of the European Parliament, the UN, and others that adhere to the build-up of forces in hypocritical thoughts. The Caucasus has become a target of the West, which in every possible way undermines its reputation by supporting a separatist regime through unfair decisions of structures above, which do not hesitate to support and arm the weakened countries in every possible way. An example of this is the desire to arm Armenia by France.

Take the OSCE Minsk Group, which went the extra mile to freeze the long-lasting conflict in the region. Over the past 30 years, the organization has shown its full ineffectiveness, and when Azerbaijan restored its territorial integrity, it suddenly woke up from a deep sleep. activities of the OSCE Minsk Group are simply not necessary.

For 33 years, the leading structures for ensuring peace and stability in different parts of the world, due to their corruption, have not been able to cope with any problem and even lost their reputation as long as they played into the hands of some powers. Since the establishment of the UN structure, no wars, conflicts, as well as the genocide of Azerbaijani people in history, including the First Garabagh War, were prevented.

All ventures through the UN mission group misfired

Attempts to impose sanctions on Azerbaijan at the international level have failed. The structures need to reformat their views and decisions. If we look soberly at the past for a better future, we need to build peace now, which is what Azerbaijan is doing. The unification of the Turkic world and its cohesion is not wanted by most countries with the ideology of “Crusaders”.

At the same time, the question of the deployment of the international contingent of UN “blue helmets” in Garabagh, on which Armenian activists had pinned so much hope, hoping to return to the region victorious under their protection, seemed to have disappeared of its own accord. Two UN humanitarian missions that visited the region on 1 and 10 October did not find any Armenians whose rights were being violated by the Azerbaijani authorities or the military, after which this initiative of Yerevan smoothly came to an end, leaving behind a small puddle of tears about unfulfilled fantasies.

Maybe this is enough? Isn’t it time to learn from all this failure?

A significant milestone of prosperity for all in the Caucasus is the signing of a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan, opening the communication link with Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan, and the return of the remaining 8 villages to Azerbaijan.

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