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Matvienko called Azerbaijan and Armenia for dialogue


“Russia is concerned with escalation of situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan and will try its best to stop the escalation”, sais the chairman of Russia’s Federation Council in her statement to journalists, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

“We are very excited and concerned with this situation. We will try our best to stop the escalation and the battle. Then, we will wind mutually acceptable ways of solution in the framework of the negotiations process. The situation is really worrisome”, she stressed.

V. Matvienko calling Azerbaijan and Armenia for negotiations said as the chairman of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, she has received appeals from heads of parliaments of both Azerbaijan and Armenia: “Both countries are Russia’s partners and friends. I think now the main issue is not look for the faulty party, but to immediately stop any combat activity. All measures are being taken via diplomatic channels in order to prevent escalation and to achieve peace. Russia as a member of the OSCE Minsk Group also fulfills its mission in regard to this issue”.

She stressed that the efforts are being made in this area through the parliaments.

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