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Nar to bring novelties to many products and services


“In 2019 Nar will introduce changes to many of its products and services to further improve customer satisfaction and bring it to the next level,” said marketing director of Nar Gakhraman Kazimov.

Highlighting the upcoming plans of Nar, Gahraman Kazimov noted that the mobile operator intends to expand its network and increase penetration of its 4G network to regions where it is unavailable, to provide the country’s population with a possibility to benefit from the speed and convenience of the 4G Internet.

According to Gakhraman Kazimov, one of the most important plans for 2019 is introduction of changes to the sales network: “In general, in 2019, we have a plan to turn our dealer network into a more modern and broader channel, which will help us further improve the customer experience. This will have direct positive effect for our customers in the regions. Today, we are planning to open new shops in regions where there are currently no Nar service centers and dealers. In addition to that, considerable work will be done to increase the dealer network’s functionality”.

While assessing the competitive environment on the telecommunications market of Azerbaijan, marketing director Kazimov said that there is strong competition in terms of network quality and customer satisfaction, as well as products offered on the market and their prices. At present, the position of Nar in the market is strengthening.

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