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Shuyudlu suzme – Yoghurt cheese with dill

Shuyudlu suzme - Yoghurt cheese with dill

Suzme is a tangy, creamy cheese made by straining the water out of plain yoghurt. The name suzme comes from the verb süzmək, meaning to filter. For shuyudlu suzme (şüyüdlü süzmə), the yoghurt cheese is mixed with dill and garlic. Shuyudlu suzme is usually served as one of several appetisers, …

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Kalla-pacha soyutmasi – Sheep’s head soup

Kalla-pacha soyutma (kəllə-paça soyutma) is one of two traditional Azerbaijani soups made from offal. The sheep’s head is the distinctive ingredient in this soup, while the even more popular khash (xaş) is made from sheep or cow trotters. Both sheep’s head soup and khash are traditionally prepared by men. They …

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Quince preserve

Heyva murabbasi - Quince preserve

Quince preserve (heyva mürəbbəsi) is popular across Azerbaijan. Don’t be put off by the fruit’s misshapen appearance, it makes a fragrant jam. Azerbaijanis love to eat jam and fruit preserves with tea. Jam is usually eaten on its own by the spoonful, rather than spread on bread, but that doesn’t …

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Fig preserve

Ancir murabbasi - Fig preserve

Juicy, sweet, yellow figs from the Absheron Peninsula are sold by the bucketful in Baku during high summer. So many figs ripen in a relatively short period that they are ideal candidates for preserving. Fig preserve (əncir mürəbbəsi) is very popular in Baku. The figs should be preserved whole and …

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Grape preserve

Uzum murabbasi - Grape preserve

Small white seedless grapes, another fruit that grows in abundance in Azerbaijan, are best for grape preserve (üzüm mürəbbəsi). Take care that the grapes are only just ripe or slightly under-ripe. Discard any grapes that are starting to brown. News.Az is grateful to Gullu Cahangir for allowing us to use …

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Cornelian cherry preserve

Zogal murabbasi - Cornelian cherry preserve

Cornelian cherries, or cornels, are widespread across the Caucasus and southern Russia. They make a deep red preserve with a tangy flavour. The Cornelian cherry has a high vitamin C content, making cornelian cherry preserve (zoğal mürəbbəsi) a popular winter remedy for colds and flu. The fruit is rich in …

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Feijoa jam

Feyxoa murabbasi - Feijoa jam

Feijoa is a green fruit the size of a small egg, which appears in Azerbaijan’s markets in the autumn. Named after Brazilian botanist Joao da Silva Feijo, feijoa grow in Azerbaijan, Georgia and southern Russia, as well as their native South America and New Zealand. They can be eaten raw …

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