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Azerbaijan National Library presents new exhibition

Azerbaijan National Library

The Azerbaijan National Library has presented traditional book exhibitions in connection with the anniversaries of Academician Afad Gurbanov, Professor Ramiz Asker, Honored Art Worker Baba Vaziroglu.

The works of the authors, the works they translated, reviewed and edited, and the literature about them were displayed at the exhibition. At the same time, musical notes composed to the words of the Honored Artist Baba Vaziroglu were also included in the exhibition. The exhibition will last one week.

Founded in 1923, Azerbaijan National Library offers a vast array of information on countless topics, from science and history to art and philosophy.

A time spent in the national library makes it possible to temporarily escape the stresses of everyday life and immerse in captivating narratives.

With over 5 million books, manuscripts, maps, Azerbaijan National Library is considered one of the largest libraries in the Caucasus region. Since 1939, the library has borne the name of the eminent playwright Mirza Fatali Akhundov.

The library houses a multitude works by the Azerbaijani and foreign authors, enabling readers to explore different writing styles and genres.

The National Leader Heydar Aliyev visited the National Library four times in 1995-1997 and donated nearly 300 books from his personal library.

Over the past years, the National Library has signed a memorandum on bilateral mutual cooperation with about 80 libraries.

The library also became a member of the international organization “The Conference of European national librarians (CENL)”.

Azerbaijan National Library is celebrating its centenary in 2023. Under the Presidential Decree, a series of events have been organized in the country to mark the 100th anniversary of the library.

The list of events included book exhibitions on the library’s history: “100 years at the service of the people” and “From the National Library’s gold fund”.

Electronic database on “Azerbaijani manuscripts in world libraries” was also presented within the library’s centenary.

The National Library also hosted the 6th meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Libraries of the OIC countries.

The meeting participants discussed strengthening the mutual ties between the national libraries of OIC member countries.

The agenda of the meeting included the acceptance of the application to UNESCO at the proposal of the Azerbaijani side, book exchange between national libraries of OIC member countries, creating of the single electronic catalog for the national libraries of OIC member countries, etc.

The Azerbaijan National Library play a vital role in the promotion of community engagement.

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