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Azerbaijan sends 3,000 school kits to brotherly Turkiye


Azerbaijan has sent 3,000 school kits to the area of Turkiye affected by the devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.7 that occurred on February 6. The humanitarian aid campaign was carried out by the Azerbaijani Diaspora Support Fund at the request of the House of Azerbaijan within the Turkish province of Hatay, Azernews reports, citing Azerbaijani Diaspora.

The school kits were distributed to students who will go to the first grade. In addition to the school kits, the Azerbaijani Diaspora Support Fund, along with the Federation of Turkish-Azerbaijani Associations, delivered food aid to more than 2,600 households affected by the earthquake in Kahramanmaras in April this year.

The earthquake caused severe damage in the provinces of Hatay, Gaziantep, Kilis, Osmaniye, Malatya, Adiyaman, Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, Adana, and Kahramanmaras. In addition, several more powerful earthquakes occurred on the territory of the nation.

The United Nations announced that it is releasing a $25 million grant from its central emergency funds for relief operations in Turkiye and Syria. The United States Agency for International Development has also deployed two specialized search and rescue teams as part of the official American response to the deadly earthquake.

There are several ways to help the rescue and recovery efforts in Turkiye and Syria and the people affected by the earthquake. Organizations are accepting donations, and people can give blood, let people know where to find safety, and raise awareness on social media.

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