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Azerbaijani MPs hold meetings in local congresses of Mexican states


The members of Azerbaijani Parliament, head of the working group on inter-parliamentary relations with Mexico, Jala Aliyeva and Elshad Mirbashiroglu, within the framework of a business trip to Mexico, visited the congress of Hidalgo state, familiarised themselves with the administrative building of the congress and the “Museum of Legislation,” including a meeting with members of the local legislative body, Azernews reports.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Mexico reports that Congress president Jesus Llanes said that they were very pleased to see the deputies of Milli Majlis (the Parliament) in Hidalgo and that this visit would make a positive contribution to the development of inter-ethnic relations between the two countries.

Senator of the Mexican Congress Navor Rojas, in his speech, emphasised that Azerbaijan was a country subjected to occupation and genocide for many years and finally restored historical justice by liberating its lands from occupation three years ago.

The senator shared his impressions from his visit to the city of Shusha and said he witnessed the astonishing results achieved in a short period of time, as well as the large-scale restoration and reconstruction works carried out by the Azerbaijani government, in addition to the unimaginable atrocities committed by Armenian bandits in the liberated territories.

Head of the Azerbaijani-Mexican working group on inter-parliamentary relations, J.Aliyeva noted that friendship and cooperation relations have been established between the two countries, as well as active cooperation at the level of parliaments, and touched upon the increasing role of parliamentary diplomacy on interstate and international platforms in modern times.

The Azerbaijani MP gave detailed information about the programs implemented in our country for strengthening social protection and the provision of women and children.

E. Mirbashiroglu stated that despite the fact that its territories had been occupied for thirty years and the cities and villages had been destroyed, it was Azerbaijan that extended its hand of peace to Armenia after the end of the conflict and offered to sit at the peace table.

Although Azerbaijan guarantees the protection of the rights and freedoms of the Armenian inhabitants of Garabagh, it was stressed that the ideas about the alleged expulsion of Armenians from those territories are groundless and unacceptable, and it was stated that we hope that Azerbaijan will support the side of justice in this slanderous campaign conducted by the Mexican side against our country.

In his speech, our country’s Ambassador to Mexico, Mammad Talibov summed up the rich history of Azerbaijani statehood and said the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state is a glorious page of our modern history.

M. Talibov gave detailed information about recent developments in the region and praised Mexico’s adequate and constructive approach to these events. The diplomat noted that the successful development of relations between the two countries is a source of satisfaction and pointed out that the restoration of the territorial integrity of our country increases our possibilities of cooperation in many spheres.

At the same time, the delegation of Milli Majlis visited the Congress of Jalisco State, familiarised with the building of the Congress, met with the representatives of the local legislative body, and noted the importance of activating parliamentary diplomacy and mutual exchange of visits was noted. in order to further strengthen the existing cooperation between the two countries.

At the meetings held in both states, views were exchanged on future cooperation in various areas of mutual interest. Both visits were widely covered by the national media.

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