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Azerbaijan’s trade houses may open in Central European countries

By Narmina Mammadova

The promotion of local products through the export missions and trade houses will make Azerbaijan more recognizable in the world. The introduction of local products to international markets is boosting the non-oil sector of country’s economy and strengthens business ties with foreign countries as well.

Currently, Azerbaijan is considering an opportunity of opening trade houses in several Central European countries, Nemat Nagdaliyev, Azerbaijan’s trade representative for Central Europe, told Trend.

“Presently, markets and demand are being considered,” he said.

“It is early to talk about this issue now,” Nagdaliyev said. “However, there is a desire and it must be comparable to real possibilities and necessity. We are currently working on a trade house in Warsaw. At the same time, markets of Croatia, the Czech Republic and Germany are being considered.”

“The International Green Week 2019 will be held in Berlin on Jan. 18-27,” he said, adding that Azerbaijani products will be showcased.

“Participation in such events helps us promote our products,” Nagdaliyev said. “Of course, high quality and competitive prices are important components of our products.”

Azerbaijan’s trade house in Warsaw opened in early December 2018. The trade house presents products under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand in the Polish market, supports the promotion and expansion of exports of Azerbaijani goods, sells products in Poland, etc.

Various products of about 30 Azerbaijani companies, producing alcoholic beverages, dried fruits, pomegranate, hazelnuts, tea, jams, fruit juices, mineral waters, cosmetic products, etc. are sold in the trade house.

“The opening of a trade house is a very good mechanism for promoting our products in Poland,” Nagdaliyev said. “This is a good platform for people, businessmen and media representatives to review our products, which are not yet available in the Polish market. Work is underway to attract distributors and buyers.”

In 2017, Poland became the fourth biggest trading partner of Azerbaijan. Trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Poland in 2017 amounted to $77,8 million. Azerbaijan imported goods worth $ 69 million from Poland, while Azerbaijani exports to Poland totaled $ 8.7 million.

Azerbaijan was identified by the Polish Ministry of Economic Development in 2017 as one of 22 most promising markets for Polish companies globally. Poland is the sixth largest market in the European Union with rapidly growing economy – in 2017 GDP growth was 4.6 percent and forecast for 2018 is 3.8 percent.

The first Trade House of Azerbaijan opened in Minsk, Belarus capital in 2017. At present, trade houses are operating in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Poland and China. It is planned to open up to 10 Commercial Houses in 2019.

The Made in Azerbaijan brand, launched by the decree of President Ilham Aliyev dated November 5, 2016, envisages a large-scale promotion of local non-oil products in foreign markets. The brand is highly successful in regional and world markets, and Azerbaijan’s local output meets all the necessary standards.

Export missions are a supporting measure to identify opportunities for accessing new markets, strengthen local product positions in existing markets and provide these markets with new products.

During 2018, export missions to Russia, Switzerland, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, UAE and Saudi Arabia have already been sent.

As many as 25 export missions are expected to be organized in 2019. Local entrepreneurs will participate in major trade fair in Russia, UAE and Germany in February. The new market at which Azerbaijan aims is South Korea, Azerbaijan will be participating in the food fair there in May 2019.

The export of non-oil products will stimulate the expansion of the Azerbaijani products and will further strengthen the non-oil sector’s share in the structure of the GDP, which is the main goal of the country’s leadership.

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