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Azercosmos seals agreement with global broadcaster company


Azerbaijan’s and South Caucasus’ only satellite operator Azercosmos OJSC has signed a cooperation agreement with the global broadcaster on many TV and radio channel platforms around the world View Satellite Network, the company has reported.

Under the agreement, View Satellite Network will provide digital broadcasting in HD format through Azerspace-2 satellite resources to its customers in Africa.

View Satellite Network CEO Maxwell Osei noted that this strategic partnership will allow the company to broadcast popular channels in HD format, especially for company’s millions of viewers in the West African region.

The company currently broadcasts more than 20 TV and radio channels in West Africa and provides a high-quality infrastructure for easy distribution of video content across channels.

Established in 2010, the Azercosmos OJSC is the first and only satellite operator in the South Caucasus, which provides high-quality satellite services for telecommunications and geographic intelligence. The company has exported services worth $45.1 million to 33 countries in 2020. The main countries to which Azercosmos exported services in 2020 were France, UK, the USA, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Azercosmos along with Azerspace-1, Azerspace-2 and Azersky satellites, allow receiving signals from satellites of other satellite operators and via fiber-optic network.

Additionally, the company sealed cooperation agreement with various organizations such as SatADSL, Globecast, ViewMedia, Space Engineering, TheAngle, Prime African Media Systems etc. One of Turkey’s leading news channels TRT World has started broadcasting via Azerspace-1 satellite. Azercosmos has signed a commercial agreement with a number of Turkish and Kyrgyz channels as well.

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