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Carpet Museum empowers youth through creativity

Carpet Museum

The youth in Azerbaijan play a key role in shaping the country’s future.

With a growing population of young people, initiatives and programs that cater to their needs and aspirations are necessary to ensure sustainable development and progress in all areas.

One of the key ways Azerbaijan celebrates its youth is through Youth Day, established in 1997 by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev.

This day celebrates the achievements and potential of young people in the country and encourages their participation in different fields.

The National Carpet Museum’s exhibition “Artists Without Borders” highlights young people’s contributions to the country’s cultural vibrancy and diversity, Azernews reports.

The project was co-organized by the Culture Ministry, the National Carpet Museum, the State Social Services Agency under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population, as well as the Child Development Centre.

Acting director of the National Carpet Museum Mira Mammadkhanova, Chairman of the Board of the Social Services Agency Vugar Behbudov, and head of the Child Development Centre Aynur Musayeva briefed the guests of the event about the work and projects undertaken for the development of youth in Azerbaijan.

It was brought to the attention that, according to the decree signed by Heydar Aliyev in 1997, February 2 was declared the Azerbaijan Youth Day.

Since then, it has been solemnly celebrated in Azerbaijan for the first time in the CIS and Eastern European countries. With this, Azerbaijan has surpassed many countries in this field as well as in many other fields.

In 2024, the country’s youth will celebrate the 27th anniversary of the establishment of this day with great enthusiasm.

Next, the exhibition visitors viewed the handcrafted items in nine fields, such as carpet weaving, handicrafts, embroidery, painting, and more.

The exhibition showcased the works of young people with disabilities from the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, promoting their talents and skills while encouraging their integration into society.

In total, the exhibition featured works from 20 artists, demonstrating the creativity and capabilities of young individuals.

As part of the event, students and teachers from the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Fine Arts performed a concert program, making the event even more spectacular.

Moreover, Open Doors Day was held for museum visitors aged 14-29 in order to effectively organise the free time of young people.

The involvement of young people in such events not only shows their talents but also serves as a platform for their personal and professional growth, contributing to Azerbaijan’s cultural and social development.

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