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Community of Western Azerbaijan appeals to EU


The community of Western Azerbaijan commented on the situation resulting from the fact that the illegal regime in Khankendi prevented the delivery of goods from other regions of Azerbaijan to Armenian residents living in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, Azernews reports.

The statement of the Community reads:

“We, the Western Azerbaijan Community, closely follow the developments arisen as a result of the illegal regime’s prevention of supply from the rest of Azerbaijan for the population residing in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan,” said the Western Azerbaijan Community.

“As the organization uniting the Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia and advocating for their rights, the Western Azerbaijan Community applauds the efforts of the Government of Azerbaijan to reintegrate Armenians living in the Karabakh region. By demonstrating an inclusive and tolerant society, Azerbaijan sets a precedent for reconciliation and the restoration of the rights for the Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia. The hope is that Armenia would recognize this example and take steps towards fostering understanding, dialogue, and the safe repatriation of Azerbaijanis forcibly uprooted from their homes in Armenia, restoring the multiethnic fabric in this country.

Regrettably, Armenia has not reciprocated with similar goodwill. Not only Armenia persistently obstructs the return of Azerbaijanis expelled from its territory, it also continues to fuel tensions by actively encouraging separatism among Armenians residing in Azerbaijan. Armenia’s actions, including the presence of military personnel in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, and financial support to the illegal entity in Khankendi, only serve to exacerbate the situation and undermine regional stability. These actions demonstrate a blatant disregard for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and the fundamental rights of the Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia.

In particular, the Western Azerbaijan Community is deeply concerned about Armenia’s and the illegal regime’s ongoing attempts to create an artificial humanitarian crisis by obstructing supplies to Karabakh Armenians from other parts of Azerbaijan and demanding exclusive supply routes to Khankendi without any border or customs control.

The Western Azerbaijan Community strongly condemns these manipulative tactics, as they not only hinder the process of reconciliation but also exploit the genuine needs of inhabitants for political gain.

Furthermore, we express our deep regret and strong disapproval of the European Union’s involvement in the situation. The presence of the EU mission alongside the convoy attempting to break into Azerbaijan without the consent of the Azerbaijani government undermines the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity and sends a wrong signal to Armenia.

We would like to remind that the mandate of the EU’s mission in Armenia does not include involvement in Armenia’s actions aimed at violating Azerbaijan’s sovereignty. Mandate of the mission, which is deployed in the areas formerly inhabited by Azerbaijanis, is to assess the impact of the conflict on the Azerbaijanis forcibly expelled from Armenia, and facilitate confidence-building measures that would enable their safe and dignified return to their homes. If the EU genuinely upholds human rights, it should not get involved in Armenia’s blackmailing tactics, but support our right to return.

We demand that the Government of Armenia immediately ceases its infringement upon Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Armenia must end its malign activities aimed at preventing the reintegration of Armenian inhabitants of the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. We also renew our urging on the Government of Armenia to respect human rights, enable our safe and dignified return and engage in dialogue with us to that end,” the Community added.”

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