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Economist: Eggs exports to Russia will boost poultry sector in Azerbaijan

Eggs exports

Due to the sanctions, there is a shortage of chicken eggs in the Russian market. In order to overcome this and stabilize the market prices of eggs, Russia intends to import eggs from abroad. Azerbaijan is among the countries whence eggs will be imported. The export of eggs to Russia will create new incentives for the development of production and will provide opportunities for work experience and cooperation in various fields in Azerbaijan.

Besides, it is considered an important step to support the development of Azerbaijan’s agriculture and raise the level of production. After the export of eggs, Azerbaijan and Russia may have a wider perspective of cooperation in the field of agriculture.

In a comment for AZERNEWS on the issue, economist, Eyyub Karimli said that there is a certain surplus in this field in Azerbaijan. This process is expected to be a useful step for entrepreneurs engaged in poultry farming.

“Undoubtedly, Azerbaijan can export eggs to Russia. Thus, internal demand in this field is met in the country and there is a surplus in production. And in this regard, we can be included in the list of Russian egg importers. This creates additional profitability for entrepreneurs engaged in local poultry farming. Because at present, due to the high price of poultry feed, certain difficulties arise in this field. Sometimes profitability was observed in the production of poultry meat. And I think that there will be new opportunities for the owners operating in this field,” the economist said.

Eyyub Karimli emphasized that this import will thrive in the non-oil and gas economy of Azerbaijan. It is a positive indicator that additional income and foreign exchange opportunities will arise. Also, Azerbaijan has sufficient potential for cooperation with Russia in the non-oil sector.

“Russia is our second main partner in foreign trade. We can cooperate with Russia in certain areas, mainly in the non-oil sector. The economic potential of Azerbaijan allows this at the moment,” emphasized Eyyub Karimli.

Also, the economist noted that there may be opportunities for cooperation in other agricultural products, especially in husbandry. Such cooperation is one of the important steps for increasing foreign trade turnover and economic potential.

” According to this, we are currently at the forefront of agricultural products – tomatoes, palm nuts, and other products. Of course, we can expand this process further. Also, we may have opportunities for wide cooperation with Russia in the field of fruit varieties, other agricultural products, and hides of livestock. From this point of view, I think that such cooperation will have a positive effect on foreign trade between the countries. This can directly benefit the growth of the country’s economic potential,” the economist added.

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