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Green energy projects provide opportunity to export electricity from Central Asia to Europe through Azerbaijan

Green energy

The projects carried out in the field of “green energy” provide an opportunity to expand the potential of electricity production and export, and open wide prospects for the transportation of electricity from Central Asian countries to Europe through Azerbaijan.

This was announced at a tripartite meeting held in Baku with the participation of the ministers of economy and energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the discussion of the prospects of exporting electricity from the territory of Azerbaijan to Europe from Central Asian countries.

It was noted that Azerbaijan is a successful supplier of electricity in addition to exporting oil, oil products, and natural gas.

“The policy of the three countries regarding the development and export of renewable energy allows Azerbaijan to play the role of a bridge for the supply of electricity from the countries of Central Asia to Europe. Azerbaijan, together with Georgia, Romania, and Hungary, will allow the export of 4 GW of electricity from the Caspian Sea-Black Sea-European energy is working on the creation of the corridor. Another 1 GW of “green” energy is planned to be transported via the Nakhchivan-Turkey-Europe route,” it was said in the report.

Moreover, according to the information, the access of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to these corridors will strengthen the development of the electricity markets of these countries, cooperation on the production and supply of green hydrogen, and ammonia, and strengthen the partnership on energy security and “green projects” within the framework of the Middle Corridor.

The parties noted the non-alternativeness of sustainable development based on the widespread use of renewable energy sources and the expansion of generation capacity and stressed that they will continue their unilateral and joint efforts on decarbonization without harming their economic development.

During the discussions, the successful experience of joint action and partnership in various spheres, including the field of energy, was noted. The parties appreciated Azerbaijan’s initiative on coordinating and synchronizing efforts on the future development of the energy system of regional countries, as well as mutual efforts in the direction of supplying clean electricity to the markets of third countries.

Noting the potential of the countries for renewable energy, the ministers said that they are ready to join the project on the export of electricity obtained from alternative sources to Europe. In this context, after the integration of Azerbaijan’s energy system, interest was expressed in investigating the possibilities of laying a high-voltage power line through the bottom of the Black Sea.

The ministers emphasized that the development of the “green” energy transmission project will strengthen the relations between the energy systems and economies of the participating countries, as well as give a new impetus to the national energy industries.

As a result of the meeting, a joint communique was signed. The next meeting at the level of ministers of economy and energy is expected to be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

At the meeting, it was noted that the participation of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as an honored guest at the 5th Consultative Meeting of Central Asian Heads of State is an important indicator of brotherly relations between Azerbaijan and Central Asian countries.

It was reported that Kazakh and Uzbek companies participate in the projects implemented in the territories liberated from occupation. On behalf of the Uzbek people, a high school named after Mirza Ulugbey was built in Fuzuli. In this city, the Children’s Creativity Center project named after Kurmangazi is implemented by Kazakhstan.

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