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Nar continues to offer products meeting needs of customers


“Nar continuously invests into improving customers’ satisfaction, by meeting their needs and expectations. The mobile operator always provides products that respond to specific needs of the different customer groups,” stated Gunnar Pahnke, Azerfon CEO, in his interview with the magazine ‘Business Time’. He noted that customer-oriented products are the major reason why Nar become the choice of customers. “Our services are tailored to satisfy every customer based on their needs. We managed to find an individual approach almost for each customer group by studying and investigating their needs in this or another product and service.”

Azerfon CEO also added that first and foremost, the mobile operator offers convenient and easy to use products with full transparency of the cost. “Secondly, digitalization is important for lots of customers, but at the same time, we do not neglect the need of those, that still want to be served by traditional, physical channels. Minimizing our cost is the third mantra, to keep our products affordable. All this operated on a state of the art high quality network. This is what it means for us to be the most customer centric mobile operator in the country,” he stated. The CEO also pointed out that customers currently expect the mobile operator to provide a network quality and currently the extensive coverage and network offered by Nar is on the level of Western countries.

Talking about the strategy of the mobile operator for the future, Gunnar Pahnke noted that one of the main focus areas for future would be to improve the offerings and solutions provided for customers. “Furthermore, we aim to achieve natural growth out of a customer base that is convinced, that they are at the right place.”

Full interview of Azerfon CEO Gunnar Pahnke with the “Business Time” is available at the link below: http://fins.az/musahibe/1001411/nar-musterilerin-ehtiyaclarina-cavab-veren-mehsullar-teqdim-etmekdedir.html.

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