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Nar demonstrates power of mobile network to students


Aiming to support the development of young specialists on the local communication market, Nar organized face-to-face training in the sphere of mobile communication network for master`s degree students of Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU). After the training on mobile networks, under the leadership of the technical staff of Nar, the students visited the base and transmission stations located in different parts of the city as well as the network control room.

In frames of the lectures, students learned extensively how to monitor the sustainability of the mobile network across the country, how to apply technological innovations and meet customers’ growing demands. The students learned about the base and transmission stations of Nar on-site and were informed about the network equipment, device operation principles and the safety control mechanism.

The students have also visited Nar’s network monitoring room, which controls the operation of more than 7500 mobile communication stations, 1800 of which are 4G and 2670 of which are 3G stations. Thanks to monitoring implemented 24/7, Nar subscribers are using uninterrupted high quality call and internet service.

Students, who spent one working day together with Nar, got acquainted with conditions provided to employees of the local communication company, and received detailed information about future professional opportunities and nuances of work in the sphere of communication. During unofficial meeting, the students were able to ask their questions directly to managers of Nar network.

Face-to-face acquaintance with mobile communication network is another project organized within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed between Nar and AzTu. Previously, communication professionals of Nar held testing communication center and mobile communication trainings at the Technical University. The main purpose of cooperation with the University is to foster local professionals in the sphere of communication and ensure that Azerbaijani students are preferred to expatriates as employees on the communication market after they graduate.

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