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“Shah Ismayil” opera shown in Baku


Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater continues to show virtual performances in the new season.

The State Opera Theater delighted spectators with Muslim Magomayev’s “Shah Ismayil” opera.

“Shah Ismayil” is a mugham-opera in 6 acts and 7 scenes composed between 1915 and 1919. The ballet is based on a legend about young Shah Ismayil. The work aroused great interest among viewers.

The opera was premiered in 1919 in Baku with participation of actors such as Huseyngulu Sarabski (Shah Ismayil), M.H.Teregulov (Aslan Shah) and Huseynagha Hajibababeyov (Gulzar).

The Founder of the Safavid dynasty, Shah Ismayil I was born in Ardabil. He united all the territories of Azerbaijan under his control.

Shah Ismayil created a centralized Azerbaijan state – Safavi with the capital being in Tebriz.

During the reign of the Safavis, state system establishment in Azerbaijan progressed. Azerbaijani had been the state language. Reforms carried out by Shah Ismayil, Shah Tahmasib and Shah Abbas and other Safavi rulers, their internal and foreign policy changed the state of Safavi to one of the greatest empires of Near and the Middle East.

Shah Ismayil is also considered an important figure in the literary history of Azerbaijan. He wrote in the Azerbaijani, Turkic and Persian languages. He is an author of approximately 1400 verses in these languages.

By Laman Ismayilova

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