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Tyumen’s companies eye to export to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan

Some 60 companies of the Tyumen oblast of Russia will present their products under the motto “Buy Products of Tyumen” in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, Azernews reports citing Russian media.

According to Russian media, the products of companies are examined by the receiving countries.

“The companies are working on the profile and direction of products that need to be strengthened. Our poultry farms and chicken meat production enterprises also want to develop in this direction. Some have already worked for export. However, in addition to the need for halal certification, it is important to modernize production, it is impossible to supply it in a chilled form,” the director of Tyumen’s Export Support Centre Alexei Yergaliev told local media.

The priority groups of export goods supplied from the Tyumen oblast in terms of total volume are petroleum services, lumber, building materials, metal processing, and food products.

Alexey Yergaliev added that IT technologies of the Tyumen oblast have managed to establish themselves in 2021-2022 and are starting to conquer the foreign market. In the near future, negotiations will be held with Kazakh entrepreneurs interested in cooperation in this direction.

“We are trying to find in the Tyumen oblast such point producers as Tyumen Aerosols in order to develop, and supply a unique product abroad. Due to such enterprises, we will expand geographically,” Yergaliev said.

At the end of 2022, enterprises of the Tyumen oblast supplied goods and services to 91 countries. 23 contracts were signed with the support of the regional centre. The total volume of supported exports is 8.3 million US dollars.

Noting that the Export Support Centre of the Tyumen Oblast in terms of work efficiency for 2022 has risen from 36th to 35th place in the country.

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