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Ambassador points out double standards applied by EU countries regarding conflict between Azerbaijan, Armenia

Azerbaijan, Armenia

The influential German news channel WELT TV interviewed the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Germany, Nasimi Agayev. In an interview, the ambassador answered the questions of the well-known German journalist Tatiana Ohm.

Ohm was interested in the reasons for the mass migration of Armenians from Garabagh. In his response, the Ambassador said that Armenians from Garabagh were forced to migrate by the leaders of the armed separatist regime, as well as the atmosphere of fear formed by them and politicians in Armenia played a key role here. Besides, N.Agayev added that Azerbaijan called on the Armenians of Garabagh to stay in their place of residence and not to leave the territory, and offered them full-fledged Azerbaijani citizenship. They were advised to take advantage of the rights and freedoms provided for by the Constitution of Azerbaijan, as well as security guarantees.

The Azerbaijani official also talked about the military aggression carried out by Armenia against Azerbaijan 30 years ago, the razing of 7 cities and 900 villages, the fact that more than 1 million Azerbaijanis became refugees and internally displaced people, and the policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide committed against them. According to him, despite all the crimes committed against the Azerbaijani population, the Azerbaijani side is far from revenge and refrains from committing the same acts. He pointed out that the most correct step for the restoration of peace and tranquility in the South Caucasus is to think about the future and achieve the signing of a peace agreement between the two states as soon as possible.

The German correspondent noted that European politicians have called for the imposition of sanctions against Azerbaijan and asked about the attitude of the Azerbaijani ambassador to this.

In an answer to Ohm’s question, N. Agayev answered with a rhetorical question. He said that Armenia occupied the lands of Azerbaijan for more than 30 years, expelled more than 1 million Azerbaijanis from their homes and committed genocide against them, and whether any sanctions were applied against Armenia. The ambassador expressed surprise and dissatisfaction with the double standards applied by some European countries in the Azerbaijani society regarding the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. He added that Azerbaijan is criticized when it restores its territorial integrity and sovereignty, while Ukraine receives all kinds of support when it fights for the same. This is an indicator of double standards and a selective approach to the principle of territorial integrity.

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