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Azerbaijan sends humanitarian aid to Malatya


Azerbaijan’s State Committee for Work with the Diaspora sent humanitarian aid to the victims of the earthquake in Malatya.

According to “Haber Global” the aid has already reached Turkiye.

The deputy chairman of the committee, Valeh Hajiyev, told reporters that official Baku tried to support the region on the eve of the Ramadan holiday.

“We are always with Turkey. We will do whatever is necessary in the future. We will be with Turkey until the end. May God not show such earthquakes again.”

It should be noted that Malatya was among the regions that suffered severe damage as a result of the strong earthquakes, which originated in the city of Kahramanmaras on February 6 last year. According to the latest information, 1,393 people died and about 10,000 people were injured in Malatya as a result of the natural disaster.

The Turkish authorities called the earthquake “the disaster of the century”. As a result of the natural disaster, 50,500 people died in Turkiye.

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