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Azerbaijan, UN develop new cooperation plan for 2026-2030

Azerbaijan, UN

A new cooperation plan between Azerbaijan and the UN for 2026-2030 has been developed, Gular Fatali, the Data Management Officer supporting the UN Resident Coordinator, said during a meeting of the Joint Government-UN Steering Committee on the implementation of the ‘United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2021-2025’, Azernews reports.

“This document represents a roadmap developed for the purpose of structuring and coordinating the activities of the organization. A series of stages is planned from April 2024 to March 2026, starting with the preparation of initial data, strategic planning, and ending with the implementation of specific projects and initiatives,” the official said.

According to her, key points of the plan include conducting strategic seminars, obtaining approval of necessary documents at the management level, and signing agreements.

“Significant attention is also paid to the integration of modern monitoring mechanisms, which underscores the organization’s focus on results and effectiveness. The stages of the plan are carefully planned and organized in a logical sequence, reflecting a comprehensive approach to long-term development and optimization of workflow,” she added.

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