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Azerbaijani becomes hero, saving people in Novosibirsk


A 45-year-old Azerbaijani man carried several dozen children, old people, and helpless passersby across a river of boiling water in his arms, Azernews reports.

On January 17, boiling water rushed into the streets of the city of Novosibirsk due to a burst heating main. The steaming water filled yards and roads in seconds. It happened during rush hour, when children were returning from schools.

At that time, Rza Rzayev, an ordinary loader from the market who was returning home after a hard day’s work, happened to be at the scene of the emergency.

“Everything was shrouded in vapour, nothing could be seen at all. People were standing in fear and could not cross the road. I ran to some kiosks and stalls, found pallets there, dragged them, and constructed a crossing. But people were standing there, afraid to go, and children were crying. And I had already checked this road. I ran up to the kids and said: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll save everyone. There are no strange children,” Rza Rzayev said.

And then the man began to pick up younger children and old people in his arms and carry them to another part of the street.

“My gloves got wet, I couldn’t feel my hands, but it was nothing. Tears were flowing through me because it was very scary, but you couldn’t stop. I couldn’t leave people in trouble, especially children. I have children, too. I also carried a teacher who taught my youngest daughter. All in all, I carried about 30 people in my arms,” the man recalls his deed.

The saviour is sure that he did not perform any feat. But the news and photos of the hero instantly went viral on social networks. People in the comments admired the stranger’s deed and thanked him for his help.

“I have been living and working in Novosibirsk since 2010. This is already my second homeland here. At first, my family was here too, but then my wife and daughters returned to Azerbaijan. They also saw these photos from the accident on the Internet, and my daughters wrote: “Daddy, you are a hero”. This is the most important and valuable thing for me,” Rza Rzayev shared details.

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