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Azerbaijani, Turkish units hold joint drills


Azerbaijani and Turkish military servicemen completed various tasks during joint drills, Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry reported on June 2.

The servicemen of the fraternal countries, in accordance with the scenario of the exercises, successfully completed search and rescue operations, evacuation of the wounded persons from the battlefield and other tasks, demonstrating high professionalism, the ministry said.

Azerbaijan and Türkiye periodically hold joint drills to improve interaction and communication between their armed forces.

The drills also aim to improve interaction and combat coordination between the servicemen during operations, as well as to develop commanders’ military decision-making and unit management skills.

Military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Türkiye first emerged in 1992, with an agreement signed between the Azerbaijani and Turkish governments on military education and weapon equipment and deals to help strengthen the bond between the two nations.

On June 15, Azerbaijan and Türkiye signed the Shusha Declaration on Allied Relations, during Erdogan’s first official visit to Shusha, eight months after Azerbaijan’s victory in the war with Armenia in 2020. The document focuses on defence cooperation, promoting regional stability and prosperity, and establishing new transportation routes.

The Azerbaijani parliament has approved the Shusha Declaration signed with Türkiye on June 15, 2021.

It affirms joint efforts by the two armies in the face of foreign threats. The declaration also pledges joint efforts for the restructuring and modernization of the armed forces.

Moreover, the two nations affirm to encourage the execution of joint projects with the aim of developing capabilities in the field of sea, air, and space.

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