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Azerbaijan’s Shamakhi chosen as tourist capital of Turkic World for 2023


Azerbaijan’s Shamakhi chosen as tourist capital of Turkic World for 2023

The decision was announced at the 8th Meeting of Ministers responsible for tourism of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) held in Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Azernews reports.

At the same time, Turkestan was chosen as the tourist capital of the Turkic world for 2024.

Advisor to the chairman of the Azerbaijan State Tourism Agency Kanan Guluzade made a speech at the event.

In his speech, Kanan Guluzade underlined that the number of tourists visiting Azerbaijan from Turkic countries has increased in recent years.

The number of citizens of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkiye, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan visiting Azerbaijan increased by 32 percent, 59 percent, 20 percent, 91 percent, 78 percent, 188 percent respectively in 9 months of 2023.

Kanan Guluzade added that the increase in the number of direct flights between the cities has been recorded and that this process is mutual.

Guluzade also noted Azerbaijan is expected to receive a total of 4 million foreign citizens in 2026. Thus, in 2026, the income from tourism is forecasted at the level of 10 billion manat ($5.8 billion).

If you are amongst those who tend to be smitten by the history of the ancient monuments, a trip to Azerbaijan’s beautiful city Shamakhi is definitely a must for you.

The royal seat of the Shirvanshahs (9th to 18th centuries) is home to many impressive sites, which never cease to impress.

Owing to the vast history and ancient monuments, Shamakhi is the favorite city of the history buffs.

Gulistan fortress (11th-12th centuries), the mausoleum of Addy-Gyumbez (The Seven Domes) with numerous burial places of Shamakhi governors, Djuma cathedral mosque (10th century, reconstructed in the 19th century) and numerous ruins of the 10th – 17th centuries are also must see if you are interested in history.

Maybe you’re more interested in looking at the spectacular images of celestial objects.

Observatory named by Nasreddin Tusi is a great destination for astronomy enthusiasts.

The largest astrophysical observatory in Azerbaijan and the whole Caucasus is located in Pirkuli, Shamakhi.

Observatory named by Nasreddin Tusi is equipped with modern facilities and with one of the largest in the CIS telescope with a mirror of 2 m by diameter.

Moreover, the city’s diverse territory endows the country with some of the most beautiful landscapes.

Mild climate, picturesque nature, unique landscapes and a large number of beautiful national parks attracts a lot of tourists to Shamakhi.

The area in which the city is located is full of mountain forests and meadows. Oak, beech and hornbeam forests in the highlands, green fields and bushes, and caressing green meadows add special beauty to this place. More than 50 species of medical herbs grow here. The rich nature in forests provides favorable conditions for birds and animals living there, for example deer, boars, bears, and wild cats.

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